ESSMA Stewarding Survey 2019

Stewarding is an integral part of stadium operations, yet a lot of clubs seem to have problems attracting and retaining their stewards. It is important that clubs provide their stewards with the right training and the right incentives to keep them at the club.


This survey is created to provide Stadium and Safety Managers at European stadiums with valuable insights on the current procedures concerning the attraction, training and retention of stewards.


This survey contains 3 main categories about the current procedures concerning stewarding at European stadiums:

  • Steward attraction
  • Steward training
  • Steward retention 


We'd like to ask you to complete this survey to the best of your knowledge and as accuretely as possible. Thereby helping us to identify trends and best practices in European stadiums and ultimately creating a benchmark report with practical examples.


We thank you for participating and hope to see you soon at one of our ESSMA events.


There are 32 questions in this survey.